The Coaching Project is Transitioning

After a long absence, I am writing with the purpose of providing some context for the changes in me and the world around me that have led to this gap. The Coaching Project has transitioned to new interests and priorities over the past couple of years, reflecting my own transitions in life.

Just as TCP was a pioneer in the field of Leaders Coaching Leaders, we are setting out again to explore the role of leadership and coaching in the final stages of life. Some of the questions I have been pondering that have led to this shift in direction are: How can we share our gifts of wisdom and experience after we leave the workplace? How can we contribute to our imperiled world as elders? How can our own living and dying lead the way for others?

I hope to share some of my own story and a few of the exciting new directions emanating from these changes. This newsletter will now become a blog on an updated website and will focus on these new adventures as they unfold.

I would like to thank the many, many people who have contributed to our success over the last 15 years – clients, colleagues, leaders and managers, students, associates, friends. I am tremendously grateful to all who have supported, mentored, and travelled this path along with me. A deep bow to you all.