Branding: Who Am I?

I have recently updated The Coaching Project website. I’ve put it off for a long while as I anticipated it would be an onerous task. The difficulty is that to change the website, I had to ask myself: Who am I now as TCP’s leader? And how can I best tell TCP’s story? These are never easy questions. Although we are in the business of change, none of us is immune to the resistance that inevitably accompanies it.

When I looked

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An Invitation to a Question

If you haven’t reflected on the question, “Who Am I?” lately, here’s an invitation to do so. I know this sounds a little like existential navel-gazing but it is in fact a very practical process of aligning who you are with what you do and say, so your communication is powerful and clear. You are your brand. You shape it every day in every conversation and decision. Walking the talk has long been a leadership injunction because it is a

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Spanish Edition Now Available

Leadership Alchemy in Spanish has just been published by UPC in Lima! See Carol and I talking about the book and its history. Thanks to our Lima Associate Oscar Osorio for making it happen.

Online Leadership Development

Susan Wright, TCP President

Sometimes revolutionary changes take place without us really paying attention. For me, this has happened with online education. A major transition has taken place over the past few years away from traditional classroom and face-to-face leadership training and development. The reasons are easy to see: lowered budgets for attending leadership development programs, fewer in-house resources to deliver the content, and generally less time and capacity to fit into the fixed schedules face-to-face learning requires. Enter online

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What’s Your Story?

By Susan Wright, TCP President

This is the time of year when most people reflect on where they’ve been and where they’re headed. It’s a time to ask, What’s My Story? Stories have always been central to our lives but they seem to be enjoying a particular popularity these days. For example, Fortune recently reported that there were an estimated 728 corporate storytellers in 2010. These are experts who make their living by helping leaders create stories that are

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The Business of Story

An Interview with Dan Petersen, Life and Story Coach

How did you become interested in story?

I first got interested when I read Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, where he lists story as one of the three forces nudging us into what he calls ‘the conceptual age’. He describes how organizations like NASA, 3M, Xerox and the World Bank are using story to help understand and manage change for this coming age. He mentions another book by Robert

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Developing Others

By Susan Wright, TCP President

It is a perfect time of year to think about developing others, how we pass along the gifts given to us so that others can benefit. When we become Leader Coaches, we make a fundamental transition from looking after ourselves to looking beyond ourselves to serve others, appreciating their unique strengths and development edges, and providing the support and challenge necessary for their continued growth.

We do this at work, of course, as we build

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Well-Being: The Ultimate Cross-Training

By Susan Wright, TCP President

Well-Being is not something that just happens for most of us. It takes a conscious intention and persistent effort, like most things that bring us joy and reward in life. Well-Being is not complicated. It emerges simply from intentionally performing a set of integrated practices consisting of disciplined action, repeated custom or regular exercise. It is cross-training in life. By exercising the body, mind, heart and spirit routinely, we get tremendous synergistic benefits.

To begin,

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Employee Engagement Today

By Susan Wright, TCP President

We all read and talk about engagement but what does it really involve? It is known by many names – flow, motivation, involvement, effort, satisfaction. It is a business imperative, resulting in improvements in profitability, quality, productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction, innovation, and retention. It has been defined countless ways, among my favourites the following from Lominger Ltd:

Employee engagement is a mind-set in which individuals take personal responsibility for the success of the organization and

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Leadership as Co-Creation

By Susan Wright, TCP President

Co-creation has become a buzz word in business in the last while, a term that gets thrown around in all kinds of contexts. For many, it seems like a valuable concept but one that is not terribly useful from a practical point of view. What does it actually mean to co-create? Are we really to give everybody a say in decisions? Let customers and employees set the agenda?

Well, in a word, yes! Many writers

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Integrative Leadership

By Susan Wright, TCP President

In April, I was privileged to attend and speak on Integrative Leadership at the Integral Without Borders Conference in Istanbul, attended by organization and social sector leaders from around the world. The challenge: how to bring an integrated perspective to the resolution of complex problems.

The philosopher Ken Wilber has written extensively about this integrated view ( and believes there are four necessary perspectives to seeing in a holistic or integrated way. The four perspectives

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Positivity: The Power of Positive Intention

By Susan Wright, TCP President

There is a lot of focus on intention these days as a concept and practice. New science has shown that what we think about actually creates physical matter. For example, the structure and activity of the brain can change in response to experience, an ability called neuroplasticity. We have known that we construct our reality through our own perceptions and beliefs for a long time but now we know that we also construct the actual

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Breakfast Seminar: Senior Leaders Discuss Critical Issues

For each of the four critical issues we present a brief statement of the challenge, a summary of the need and a description of offerings – processes and programs – from The Coaching Project. Finally, we conclude with excerpts from our table conversations with leaders; they describe their current experience of each of the issues and their views on how they are or could be responding.

The Challenge of Employee Engagement The Bursting Boomer Bubble Creating Social Action Linkages The

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The Leader as Coach: Creating High Performance in Change

By Susan Wright, TCP President

“To be an effective leader, one must be an effective coach”

Download PDF: The Leader as Coach: Creating High Performance in Change

Top Ten Books in Human Resources

On June 7th, 2004, The Financial Post Edge announced that Leadership Alchemy: The Magic of the Leader Coach® rated 6th on the Top Ten Books in Human Resources in the Books for Business survey. Our book was the only Canadian entry and the only book on Leadership listed!

Latest News

  • The Coaching Project is Transitioning

    After a long absence, I am writing with the purpose of providing some context for the changes in me and the world around me that have led to this gap. The Coaching Project has transitioned to new interests and priorities over the past couple of years, reflecting my own transitions in life.

    Just as TCP was a pioneer in the field of Leaders Coaching Leaders, we are setting out again to explore the role of leadership and coaching in the

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  • A New Beginning

    In our coaching and training we have consistently used our three-stage process as shown in the model below. Each stage answers a question: What’s So? So What? What’s Next? I have used these questions to reflect on my recent experience and to give a sense of completion to this chapter in The Coaching Project’s history.

    What’s So?

    I often say retirement is harder than it looks. I have been working on it for half a dozen years. I began

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  • The Importance of Coach Education

    I recently interviewed Arden Henley, Principal of Canadian Programs at City University, about CityU’s decision to partner with The Coaching Project on coach education. His insights mirror and expand on the results of the ICF study.

    Why does CityU see a coaching program as an important addition to its roster of programs?

    We see our role as building leadership capacity in the community. Coaching plays an increasingly important role in leadership and we want to respond to that need.

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Becoming a Leader Coach® Online

We have launched our new video-based Leader Coach program! Here is an introduction to what you will find. For more, visit or click on Becoming a Leader Coach Online under the Professional Leadership tab.