Leader Coach® Certification

For leaders interested in a comprehensive Leader Coach® development program, we offer a certification consisting of three workshop levels – Individual, Team, and Organization – over approximately three months. This inclusive program guides you through a learning and practice process that results in transformative change in your leadership style and skill.

Although we offer our programs publicly, we believe in-house applications achieve the deepest change in leadership culture. We work with leaders and their teams and also with Internal Coach professionals who support the change process. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.

Foundation Leader Coach® Workshop

This two-day experiential program introduces the principles and practices of the Leader Coach® as the leadership framework for turbulent change. Coaching is a business imperative – it is the way leaders lead in rapidly changing environments. Participants explore how leadership has evolved to include not only a strategic market component but also a requirement for personal growth as a prerequisite to effective leadership of others. Using a unique 3-stage model, participants learn how to apply leadership through coaching to achieve high performance. A skills assessment, case studies, exercises and practice sessions are used to focus and enrich learning.

Leader Coach® Practicum Part I

The 6-week practice period allows participants to apply the learning from The Leader Coach® Workshop through coaching with at least 2 members of their work team. Each participant will have a learning partner to support their development, and periodic peer group updates are scheduled.

Team Leader Coach Workshop

This two-day experiential program extends the principles and practices of the Leader Coach® to working with whole teams, whether direct reports, committees or projects. Using the same 3-stage model, participants learn to capitalize on innovative ideas and to coach through the inevitable hurdles and conflicts of high performing teams. A team assessment, case studies, exercises and feedback are used to stimulate learning. Each participant leaves the program with a team development plan.

Leader Coach Practicum Part II

This 6-week practice period allows participants to apply the learning from The Team Leader Coach® Workshop to the teams they lead or participate in. Additionally, participants are expected to be coaching each of their own team members individually. Again, each participant will have a learning partner to support their development, and periodic peer group updates are scheduled.

Leader Coach® Culture Workshop

The final two days of the certification program brings all of the previous components together. Participants experience multi-team and organization-wide engagement and culture change processes. The focus is on integrating learning and developing plans for building a broader Leader Coach® culture in the organization.

A follow-up mini-assessment is used to evaluate progress. Participants commit to next steps for themselves and their teams to create a coaching culture change within their organizational units. The seminar ends with reflections on the process and a “graduation” to celebrate completion.

A Note for Internal Coaches

Organizations building coaching into their leadership cultures need to identify and develop an adaptable core team of trained internal coaches as business partners. While these professionals often participate with the leaders in the Leader Coach® Certification Program, we also offer a tailored four to six month companion program with several unique features.

  • Candidate Selection: standards and qualifications for screening potential participants to support the best choice of candidates for your needs.
  • Pre-work: reading and reflection assignments to familiarize candidates with coaching concepts and research, as well as a 360° survey of coaching skills based on our unique competency model.
  • Internal Coaching Workshop: a 2 ½ day workshop balances understanding models and concepts with intense practice and feedback to ensure skills are developed on a firm philosophical base. Coach candidates leave the workshop with a personal development plan and a map of their intended coaching relationship(s).
  • Practicum Experience: Four to six months where each candidate contracts with at least one client in their workplace to practice their skills. Learning groups continue with bi-weekly meetings or calls to provide structured follow up support, problem solving alternatives, and additional concepts and tools as required.
  • Advanced Seminar: a one-day follow up session includes discussions of additional models, tools, readings, etc. that are relevant to the issues raised in the practicum. Internal coaches who complete the certification process will be Certified Internal Coaches, and will receive a certificate from The Coaching Project Inc.