Coaching for Leaders

The frontier of leadership development is focused on a special kind of leader – one who is self-aware, models inclusive values, builds trust, and sees the learning and development of others as central to the role. This Leader Coach® engages others to create a high commitment and high performance culture.

Our programs at the individual, team and organizational levels give you the requisite skills for building cultures of excellence for turbulent times. Whether you are interested in developing your own Leader Coach® skills, expanding the coaching capacity of your team, or engaging in whole-scale organization change, we guide you step by step through the process.

We suggest you begin with our 2-day foundation program and then work with us to design the approach best suited to your needs. All of our programs use a consistent process and approach that builds from one skill level to the next. For more information, see our Leader Coach Certification program.

Coaching for Leaders introduces you to a range of coaching approaches, concepts and practices.

  • Learn our proven three-stage coaching process that provides a simple outline for successful coaching relationships with individuals and in teams.
  • See master coaches model effective coaching for each stage and analyze with you the underlying strategies and steps.
  • Discuss the various tools used most frequently, their strengths and weaknesses, and what best fits your team or organization.
  • Assess your own coaching skills and areas needing development based on our Leader Coach® competency questionnaire, and include your team if desired.
  • Practice using real situations in a safe environment and receive feedback from coaches and peers.
  • Leave the programs with follow up plans to continue your coaching exploration supported by ongoing teleconferences with program faculty.

The programs are supported by a workbook full of readings, handouts, resources, helpful hints, worksheets, planning tools and practice cases. You will also receive a copy of the award-winning book Leadership Alchemy: The Magic of the Leader Coach.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers and Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Leadership Development Specialists

Upcoming Dates:

The Coaching for Leaders Foundation Program is no longer offered as a public program but can be tailored as a specific offering for your team or organization.

For more information, call us at 604-563-7428.

Latest News

  • The Coaching Project is Transitioning

    After a long absence, I am writing with the purpose of providing some context for the changes in me and the world around me that have led to this gap. The Coaching Project has transitioned to new interests and priorities over the past couple of years, reflecting my own transitions in life.

    Just as TCP was a pioneer in the field of Leaders Coaching Leaders, we are setting out again to explore the role of leadership and coaching in the

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  • A New Beginning

    In our coaching and training we have consistently used our three-stage process as shown in the model below. Each stage answers a question: What’s So? So What? What’s Next? I have used these questions to reflect on my recent experience and to give a sense of completion to this chapter in The Coaching Project’s history.

    What’s So?

    I often say retirement is harder than it looks. I have been working on it for half a dozen years. I began

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  • The Importance of Coach Education

    I recently interviewed Arden Henley, Principal of Canadian Programs at City University, about CityU’s decision to partner with The Coaching Project on coach education. His insights mirror and expand on the results of the ICF study.

    Why does CityU see a coaching program as an important addition to its roster of programs?

    We see our role as building leadership capacity in the community. Coaching plays an increasingly important role in leadership and we want to respond to that need.

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Becoming a Leader Coach® Online

We have launched our new video-based Leader Coach program! Here is an introduction to what you will find. For more, visit or click on Becoming a Leader Coach Online under the Professional Leadership tab.