Becoming a Leader Coach® Online

We understand that time, especially at managerial and executive levels, is your most precious resource. For that reason, we have developed an online version of our Foundation Coaching for Leaders program so that you can flexibly access the program content and support materials, proceed at your own pace, and practice on the job as you learn. We feel the program’s adaptable mixed-media components offer a high quality learning experience at a very reasonable cost for scaling coaching skills and building coaching cultures in larger populations. See for yourself by clicking on this link: You will be able to view the site as a guest and watch introductory videos.

Our sophisticated online platform applies the best practices in distance education including:

  • Access to the learning modules on your own time
  • A complete workbook guide to aid understanding and application
  • A series of videos discussing the content and demonstrating practice, also available as audio for loading onto mobile devices
  • A coach-facilitated series of teleconferences with a learning group supported by an online forum for posting questions and comments.

The program pricing is designed to be scalable to large populations so that a consistent coaching culture is created in your work group and/or organization. In addition to coach-supported groups, arrangements can also be made for individual access and for licensing at the organizational level. Please call for more details.

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who have attended a workshop and want a refresher
  • Those who are new to a group who have already attended the workshop,
  • Busy managers and executives who are looking for improved coaching skills

For more information, please call 604-563-7428.