Professional Leadership

The frontier of professional development is focused on a special kind of leader – one who is self aware, who models inclusive values, who builds trust, and who sees the learning and development of others as central to the role. This leader is a coach, a Leader Coach®, who engages others in creating a high commitment and high performance culture.

Whether you are interested in your own development as a leader, in building your leadership team, or in evolving your leadership culture, these programs create not only the energy for change but also the skills and support to carry it out.

Coaching for Leaders is our foundation program for becoming a Leader Coach®, guiding you through skill building, action planning and follow up.

Becoming a Leader Coach® Online is a modular online learning platform allowing you to flexibly develop your skills with individual or group support.

Leader Coach® Certification is a comprehensive development process designed to create a substantial impact on leadership effectiveness and outcomes.