International Nonprofit Strategy

We understand the challenges facing small nonprofit organizations dedicated to worthy causes in the world. Our associates give their time and energy generously to boards, retreats, committees, fundraisers, etc. as well as working with the leaders in these dedicated organizations.

We are most interested in the poorest countries of the world, where the disparity is greatest. Often, however, there is also great need on our very doorsteps. What we bring to these situations is a wealth of experience, a capacity to hold complexity, and a willingness to work with what is.

If your nonprofit is struggling to do its work in the world, please be in touch with us. We just may be able to help with:

  • Networking: connecting you with others in similar work and environments
  • Coaching: supporting you through a crisis where you need a sounding board
  • Teambuilding: spending a day to align your staff, volunteers and leadership team around common objectives
  • Planning: helping your organization work together to create a strategic plan for moving forward.