Integral Analysis for Social Change

The Integral framework developed primarily by Ken Wilber is arguably the most comprehensive approach available today for analyzing complex multi-dimensional problems and creating sustainable actions. Bringing this integral view to bear on the interconnected global issues facing us allows us to design strategies and plans that encompass all the key facets required to bring about social and organizational change.
Using the integral change model, we facilitate your analysis of your domain of interest from three perspectives:

What: Using Wilber’s four quadrants to examine your understanding of the current reality and to identify any missing elements in your current responses.

Who: Using Clare Graves’ spiral of adult development to assess the alignment between the capacity of your leadership team and your organization’s purpose and vision.

How: Moving to action by designing six to eight methods of inquiry for moving forward using an integral lens, confirming strengths and addressing any gaps.

The analysis can be as simple as a one-on-one with a CEO or ED, or as complex as a broad participatory planning process for a whole organization. Visit our Research Papers to see case examples of the approach.

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