Personal Development Retreats

When you feel you want to kick-start a change, probably one you have wrestled with unsuccessfully for some time, a focused retreat is the answer. We offer a series of retreat workshops for leaders, coaches and anyone in a major transition or at a stuck point in work and/or life. We call them What Wants to Happen?

The retreat series is designed around the principles and tools for deep changes that have been wanting to happen in your life or in your organization. You will learn and practice leading edge discoveries in change research as well as perennial wisdom of past and present masters.

We use the timeless and universal elements of adult development to examine our current reality, the story we are in, and to create a new story, one that is relevant to who we are now and that frees us from outdated patterns of behavior.  Each retreat has a theme providing a window into some aspect of our story.  Many participants return again and again to deepen their perspectives.

The retreats are limited to 18 participants and are facilitated by Dan Petersen and Susan Wright as well as members of the community. Dan is a certified holistic health practitioner and a personal development coach. Susan is an executive coach and expert in leadership development and change.

All retreats include follow-up teleclasses and local learning circles at no additional cost.

Stay tuned for information on our 2017 retreat.