Personal Leadership

Development as a person is the fundamental prerequisite for leadership – it all starts with the self. We all develop into adulthood through a series of predictable stages. Our education and experience teach us the mechanics of leadership in our chosen fields but they don’t teach us how to grow as a person, from the inside out. As a result, we get stuck in repetitive stories based on outdated beliefs that limit our capacity to live into our full potential.

The processes and programs offered here uncover these limiting perspectives and enable the creation of powerful new stories for leading in work and life.

Personal Coaching guides you through a process of awareness-building leading to new capabilities and perspectives.

Personal Development Retreats reveal the habitual behaviours that thwart meaningful growth, allowing you to create a compelling commitment to change.

Chrysalis is a renewal program for women focused on diagnosing your current life chapter and discovering new avenues for transition and development.