What’s Next?

Here, I offer three possibilities, one for each of the main stages in the process. They are open and available to you and your group of six to twelve people on arrangement and at reasonable cost. They can be tailored to suit your needs in terms of timing, location, duration, etc.  I have hosted these workshops on my own and co-facilitated them with talented colleagues.

The Dark Night journey is not a passage to be undertaken alone. You may feel isolated, alienated, bewildered, and not wanting to be with others. But I assure you, their support, guidance and empathy are the portals for moving through the transition.


The Descent:  Dark Night – Navigating Turbulent Change Workshop


 This workshop is based on my book, Dark Night: Reclaiming the Discarded Other on the Journey to Wholeness. The intention is to familiarize you with the Dark Night process, its elements and characteristics. Through conversation, exercises, poetry, writing, and movement, we will connect with feelings, symptoms, and strategies for making the Dark Night passage.

You will take away an understanding of the many ways in which these transitions can be navigated, and you will be empowered to move through the process with compassion. I have most recently used this workshop to explore the global pandemic. The Dark Night – Navigating Turbulent Change Guidebook is available here.

  • Cover Navigating Turbulent Change Guidebook here *

The Underworld:  Dying to Live — A Sacred Conversation Workshop


Death is a core characteristic of the Dark Night. A literal death of a loved one, a near death experience, or a health crisis can be a catalyst for entering a Dark Night. And metaphorically, your own death to your former self is inevitable.  As such, coming to terms with dying is an important aspect of the journey.

The Dying to Live workshop is a conversational group process designed to normalize death and dying. Through reading, poetry, exercises and a wealth of resources, you will be supported in preparing for your Dark Night journey and your ultimate ending. The Dying to Live Guidebook is available here.

  • Cover Dying to Live Guidebook here *

The Ascent:  Weaving the Web Workshop

Weaving the Web

When you are making the ascent from the underworld of the Dark Night, you may feel a stranger in a strange land, needing to reinvent yourself. Your familiar world will look very different from your new perspective. This workshop is a guide to re-membering who you are now, and how you will contribute your gifts from the journey to your wider communities.

Over a weekend, your group will share stories of learnings from the passage and create possibilities for contributing your leadership to the Dark Night of the world. An ongoing community of kindred spirits may support your actions and provide scaffolding over time as you share your gifts. For more information on Weaving the Web, click here.

What aspects of these processes are you curious about? How might you do some further investigation of what calls to you?