Tom O’Hara

Assessor, coach, counselor and group facilitator who understands the workplace

  • Applies practice and research skills to support leaders through individual and organizational development and transitions
  • Assessor and psychotherapist who understands  human development, family life and the workplace
  • Helps people understand themselves, relieve symptoms, enhance life satisfaction and productivity
  • Bilingual in English and French.

Tom O’Hara is an Associate of The Coaching Project, Inc. where he delivers innovative Leader Coach® training and individual and team coaching.

Tom has been coaching leaders since 1985. He focuses his coaching practice on building trust, awareness and a future orientation with each client.  Tom is a registered psychologist. He has been certified as a coach by the Centre for Creative Leadership.

Between his Masters and Doctorate degrees in psychology Tom taught 3 years in the psychology department at the University of Manitoba; spent nine months as a research assistant at UNECE in Geneva; and taught 2 years in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa.

Since completing his doctorate, Tom has had a practice in Clinical, Corporate and Sport Psychology in Ottawa and Toronto. Tom has prepared individual and team athletes for six Olympiads and fifteen World Championships.