John Hoover

John Hoover is an Associate of The Coaching Project, co-owner and facilitator of a day retreat centre, Island Springs.

  • An executive and personal coach who is a gifted listener, reflecting key opportunities for client growth
  • A keen observer who recognizes negativity as a source of guiding information, as well as helping change the presenting problem
  • A meticulous witness who keeps an ongoing and developmental path to the coaching sessions, including session notes (posted back to clients for reflection)
  • A flexible observer regarding the client’s changing agenda and highly creative in supporting the client’s problem solving

His gift for bringing out the best in people was first used in various educational settings, working with individuals and groups from public education, university (both young and mature students) and a private middle school.

Following his 30 years in education, John attended Royal Roads University to formalize and polish his coaching skills, graduating as a Certified Executive Coach. His coaching clients have included leaders in manufacturing, finance, engineering as well as the not for profit sectors, serving individual clients and coaches, a conflict resolution specialist and work teams. He is an excellent coach’s coach, helping professionals maintain their focus and direction.

John has also facilitated and taught coaching and leadership to teams in the non-profit sector; he especially builds clients’ personal awareness and capability to grow. Continuing personal growth is one of John’s foundation values, and he was an “in depth” participant of two recent workshops, “Immunity to Change” and “What Wants to Happen”.