Andrea Griggs

  • An executive coach with a unique ability to help clients leverage their strengths
  • A specialist in the field of intercultural communication who enables clients to realize their potential while developing their voice
  • An adult educator with a passion for empowering clients by developing their ability to master change
  • A perceptive coach who meets people where they are and challenges them to move to and beyond where they want to go
  • An inspiring facilitator who employs a participatory methodology that encourages clients to learn through discovery.

Andrea Griggs is an Associate of The Coaching Project Inc.  She has spent 20 years working in the non-profit, educational and corporate sectors as a teacher, trainer and director where she has been responsible for creating opportunities for learning and change for individuals, teams and organizations.  While she recognizes how difficult it is to create and sustain real change, she is able to both support and challenge her clients during the process.  For example, while extensively redesigning a significant training program, Andrea involved all organizational stakeholders, which minimized individual concerns while enabling the changes to be implemented with greater speed.  The end result was a more efficient and effective program supported by the entire organization.

Through her own company, Catalyst Communication, Andrea also offers language coaching to people who speak English as a Second Language to hone both their language and intercultural communication skills.  She enjoys working with emerging leaders.  In addition to working to improve their communication skills, she specializes in coaching people who are just realizing their potential and need to develop the confidence to thoroughly step into their role.  Andrea believes that her clients hold the answers they need, but often require support and/or guidance to connect with their strengths, passions and purpose.  When her clients become leaders in their own life, they are able to draw on that self-knowledge to take on stretch assignments, complete demanding projects, and fulfill their dreams.  Her clients have said that Andrea is supportive and demanding- holding them accountable so that they can reach their goals.

Andrea holds a Masters in Education from the University of Toronto and is a certified Professional Coach.  Some clients she has worked with are: MDS, Canadian Depository for Securities, Segal LLP, Microsoft, HG Engineering, Nortel, University of Toronto, and Humber College.

Andrea loves traveling and living in other countries.  In addition to Canada, she has lived and worked in Japan, Colombia and the United States.  Her traveling has been somewhat curtailed as she juggles work and family with her two young daughters.  Yoga, bicycling and reading continue to be passions.