Why Us

Core Values

People: We work from the inside out. We believe that individuals have the answers they need but can use support in articulating and enacting them.

Process: We work with the whole system. We believe that context is a critical part of designing a complete and fulfilling future for individuals as well as organizations.

Purpose: We focus on purpose. We believe that alignment of our basic values and intentions with our roles and activities is the key to balance and wellbeing.

Performance: we use a “both/and” approach. Rather than concentrating primarily on results, we also recognize the importance of meaningful relationships in evoking high performance and engagement.


We have developed a unique three-stage Leader Coach® process which guides our approach to all our work. We use this process as a minimum structure throughout the coaching engagement. We also use it as the basis for designing all our programs. This underlying framework gives our approach consistency and clarity – it is who we are, what we do and how we do it. The approach is fully described in our book, Leadership Alchemy: The Magic of the Leader Coach®.

Building Trust: Asks the question ‘What’s So?’ creating an appreciative connection and understanding the current story and the issues to be discussed.

Building Awareness: Asks the question “So What?’ using dialogue to search, explore, gain insight, and working through resistance, resulting in a reframing of the story and a new vision of what needs to be done.

Building the Future: Asks the question ‘What’s Next?’ developing alternative pathways and building commitment to accountable action plans, then evaluating, celebrating and recycling as needed.

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Working with a Leader Coach®, or perhaps becoming a Leader Coach® yourself, can be transformative. At a minimum, you can expect:

  • Increased self-awareness: grow in self-knowledge and personal learning that extends to all aspects of life. New awareness begins to make a difference from the first meeting and can be used for a lifetime.
  • Increased capacity to lead: learn essential competencies all leaders must master in today’s world. Commitment and engagement are a function of the leader’s ability to coach.
  • Increased ability to manage change: be able to model the Leader Coaching role with teams – up, down and across – the key to driving practical operational results and advancing real organization change.
  • Increased alignment of individual and organization goals: clarify individual and team values in relation to company objectives and take responsibility for producing desired outcomes.
  • Better talent retention: retain high potential and high performance talent. Key people appreciate the organization’s investment in their development and return it with greater loyalty.
  • Quantifiable return on investment: results can be measured and, if desired, attached to bottom line performance indicators to assess ROI.

What Clients Say…

Coaching Services:

“I want to thank you once again for your fabulous coaching! The time I spent with you was the catalyst for some really great things for me! I’m grateful for your honesty and help in identifying what was driving my dissatisfaction!” Insurance Executive

“What I found most valuable was the introduction to coaching competencies, reviewing the group results, and comparing myself to the rest of the managers in the organization.” Financial Executive

“I learned that coaching is the most fundamental aspect of managing!” Plant Manager

“Again, a big thank you for all your support last year. Your coaching has proven invaluable. So much so that I have my entire staff on development plans for next year, similar to the one we jointly created.” Financial Executive

“Thanks for your help in what was, even from the retrospective view of several years later, an incredibly difficult time for me. I appear to have successfully made some jump…thanks in no small part to you.” Media EVP

“Coaching is not something you just learn once and excel at. It is a dynamic role and something that you BE”. Director of Sales

“The coaching vs managing approach opens up the lines of communication – preventing a “directive” culture – we should adopt this throughout the organization.” General Manager

Coach Education:

“Great presentation and delivery of materials – very open and approachable method.” Operations Manager

“Thank you for the way in which you created a wonderful learning environment with a unique group. You are “Masters” at your trade.” CEO

“I found this course to be very informative and look forward to putting the process into practice.” Sales Manager

“The course was inspiring to me. It has stirred up feelings in me that I hadn’t felt in years and these feelings through reflection, peer coaching and group work have given me the desire to change the corporate world, starting with my company. I am more determined now to keep my faith in people and myself to build the business and work environment I’ve always desired.” Managing Partner

“The small group discussions were very important and beneficial. The cases were excellent.” Director of Systems Technology

“All the topics covered are applicable to my day to day activities in one way or the other and I will be able to apply all of this immediately.” Head of Travel Planning

Why Us?

  • Experienced Leader Coaches with the credibility and credentials to be catalysts for sustainable change
  • Customized, rigorous processes and programs integrated seamlessly into your organization
  • Focus on producing positive change for individuals and teams each time we meet
  • Balance of both “outside in” change management and “inside out” self management to create high performing leaders
  • Relevant and powerful processes designed to address your organizational issues
  • Quality through consistent standards across your executive team
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction