In these times of rapid and unpredictable change, leadership at every level is more important than ever – the individual leader, the organizational leader and the global leader. The Coaching Project Inc. is a dynamic international firm dedicated to developing leaders across each of these realms. We offer an integrated set of programs and services designed to support your growth as a person, as a professional and as a citizen of the world.

So why are we called The ‘Coaching’ Project? Because we believe coaching is the way leaders lead in turbulent times. We have coined the term Leader Coach® to represent this style of leadership. Coaching is the fundamental way leadership is enacted – it adds the transformative potential required to accelerate learning and fully engage in change. Coaching is how leadership is applied. So whether we are coaching an individual leader in a corporation, teambuilding with the leadership team of a university faculty, or facilitating a strategic planning retreat with an international nonprofit, we bring our coaching lens to the development of leadership capacity.

Our goal is to coach you, your team or your organization to create perspectives that broaden your field of view, that expand your ability to manage complexity, that enrich your depth of meaning and contribution. Please join us in our ongoing journey of discovery.

Latest News

  • The Importance of Coach Education

    I recently interviewed Arden Henley, Principal of Canadian Programs at City University, about CityU’s decision to partner with The Coaching Project on coach education. His insights mirror and expand on the results of the ICF study.

    Why does CityU see a coaching program as an important addition to its roster of programs?

    We see our role as building leadership capacity in the community. Coaching plays an increasingly important role in leadership and we want to respond to that need.

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  • Coaching: The State of the Art

    Reading the International Coach Federation (ICF) research study entitled Building a Coaching Culture*, I am naturally inclined to reflect on the past 17 years of growing The Coaching Project Inc. We began in 1998 to work with organizations who were interested in building coaching cultures in order to develop their leaders and improve performance and engagement in their employees. We had very little to go on in terms of precedent but coming from our organizational development backgrounds, it seemed clear

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  • Business is Changing!

    Wisdom 2.0 tells us there is a revolution occurring in how we view and relate to work.

    This new movement is questioning all our assumptions about what it means to develop and operate a business. Elements like mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion are no longer seen as superfluous or useless, but as integral qualities to include in any for- or non-profit endeavor. People are increasingly seeking work that is meaningful, engaged, and where their deeper life purpose is aligned.


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Becoming a Leader Coach® Online

We have launched our new video-based Leader Coach program! Here is an introduction to what you will find. For more, visit http://www.tcpleadercoach.com or click on Becoming a Leader Coach Online under the Professional Leadership tab.