In these times of rapid and unpredictable change, leadership at every level is more important than ever – the individual leader, the organizational leader and the global leader. The Coaching Project Inc. is a dynamic international firm dedicated to developing leaders across each of these realms. We offer an integrated set of programs and services designed to support your growth as a person, as a professional and as a citizen of the world.

So why are we called The ‘Coaching’ Project? Because we believe coaching is the way leaders lead in turbulent times. We have coined the term Leader Coach® to represent this style of leadership. Coaching is the fundamental way leadership is enacted – it adds the transformative potential required to accelerate learning and fully engage in change. Coaching is how leadership is applied. So whether we are coaching an individual leader in a corporation, teambuilding with the leadership team of a university faculty, or facilitating a strategic planning retreat with an international nonprofit, we bring our coaching lens to the development of leadership capacity.

Our goal is to coach you, your team or your organization to create perspectives that broaden your field of view, that expand your ability to manage complexity, that enrich your depth of meaning and contribution. Please join us in our ongoing journey of discovery.